Lash Extensions: Daytime Eye Makeup Look

We’re all about letting our lashes shine and what better way to make your lash extensions pop than to add a dash of eye makeup. Our very own Jackie shares with us her tips and tricks for applying a daytime eye makeup with lash extensions.

Ready to get glam? Follow the steps and check out our Instagram video below.

Step 1: Apply Eye Primer

Using a flat brush, apply the eye primer starting after the lashes, blending all the way up towards the brow bone. Jackie warns to be careful not to touch the lashes with the primer since it won’t come off. As you blend, continue to spread the primer out to a nice even layer.

Products Used: Eye Primer + Flat Brush.

Step 2: Blend with a Fluffy Brush

Taking a nice fluffy brush, continue to blend everything so there are no lines of demarcation. on the eyes.

The end result is a blank canvas ready for eye shadow application. The primer will also extend the life of your eye shadow and prevent it from creasing.

Product Used: Fluffy Brush.

Step 3: Apply Eye Shadow in Outer Corner

Using that same fluffy brush, dip the brush in eye shadow then tap off the excess shadow. Next apply the shadow in the outer corner of the eye, and then blend over in little small circles.

After that, wipe your brush off, then continue blending, making sure it’s really soft at the edges.

Once everything is nicely blended, you can add a darker shade for more depth. Place the darker shade in the outer corner of the eye, continuing to thoroughly blend.

Products Used: Fluffy Brush + Eye Shadow.

Step 4: Apply Liquid Shadow on Lid

Give your eyes some sparkle by using a liquid shadow or cream. Liquids and creams are convenient because they won’t fall into your lash extensions like powder shadow. Apply the liquid shadow to eyelid by tapping it, keeping in mind that a little goes a long way.

Next wipe your brush off (or use a new brush) and come back again and tap to ensure it’s really blended. You will need to blend quickly because liquids and creams dry down fast, which will make it harder to move the shadow.

Product Used: Liquid Shadow + Flat Brush.

Step 5: Apply Lighter Shadow in Inner Corner

To add more pop, using your pencil brush, dip it in lighter shadow and place the shadow in the inner corner of the eye. This will open up the eye.

Products Used: Light Eye Shadow + Pencil Brush.

Step 6: Line the Eyes

Skip the traditional eyeliner, which can be difficult to remove with lash extensions. Instead use a small angle brush and a dark eye shadow, and press the dark shadow into the lash line.

Want to line the bottom lash line of your eyes, too? Take the same pencil brush used on the inner corner of your eye, and wipe it off. Then pick up a mid-tone shadow and just blend it under the bottom lash line. Once you’re finished, wipe away any excess makeup fall out, and you’re good-to-go.

TIP: If you prefer not to give up your eyeliner, make sure you’re using oil-free makeup remover to remove everything before bed.

Products Used: For Upper Lashes, Small Angle Brush + Dark Eye Shadow. For Bottom Lashes, Pencil Brush + Mid-Tone Shadow.


Make Sure Your Eye Products Are Oil-Free. Using the right kind of products will ensure you don’t inadvertently weaken the bond of your lash extensions.

When purchasing your products make sure they’re OIL-FREE. Products containing oil can break down the lash bond. Also steer clear of waterproof products which are difficult to remove and can irritate the eyes.

How to Remove Your Eye Makeup. When it’s time to wash away the day’s glam, we recommend Fresh Faced Gentle Cleanser and Foam Pump Bottle (both are available at La Belle, $20). It removes makeup and is pH balanced for the eyes.

Ready for Part 2: A Glam Evening Eye?

Join us next week when Jackie shares Part 2: A Glam Evening Eye Makeup Look. In the meantime, treat yourself to a relaxing La Belle Visage Facial. Call 302-656-0555, 302-378-8880 to schedule your appointment.