Volume vs Cluster Lashes: What You Need to Know

We love a gorgeous Volume Lash fan, but did you know not all lash fans are created equal? It's important to know the difference between Volume Lashes and Cluster Lashes.

Here's what you need to know. 

Volume Lashes vs Cluster Lashes

Volume Lash Fan by La Belle Studio.

Volume Lash Fan by La Belle Studio.

A Volume fan consists of 3-7 (sometimes more) individual lashes that are shaped into a handmade fan. These tiny fans are applied to one natural lash. Thickness is typically between .05-.07, but can go as low as .03 in diameter. 

Volume fans can create a fuller, fluffier look, but the reason they are great is that they make your set fully customizable. For those with thin, weak lashes, we can make very natural sets that still weigh less than Classic extensions on your natural lashes. 

Example of pre-made fans used in Cluster Lashes. Source: Bella Blog

Example of pre-made fans used in Cluster Lashes. Source: Bella Blog

There are Cluster Lashes and also pre-made fans. Both are not good for the lashes.

Cluster Lashes are synthetic, heavy hairs that are knotted or melted at the base. They're often applied (but not always) to multiple eyelashes at the same time. 

Pre-made fans are a shortcut that should not be taken because of the excess weight of double glue. (More on that in a second.)

Why Cluster Lashes Are Not Healthy 

Cluster Lashes clumped together. Source: Bella Blog

Cluster Lashes clumped together. Source: Bella Blog

Cluster Lashes and pre-made fans are not the healthiest option for your natural lashes. They're damaging and too heavy for your natural lashes. The bases are bulky from the adhesive. It creates follicle tension when the Cluster Lash is attached to multiple natural lashes. Without proper isolation, if the clusters stick to multiple lashes, they all grow out at different rates, which can be painful and cause the lashes to pull out. Overtime, this can cause premature hair loss. And if done repeatedly can cause permanent hair loss. 

How to Keep Your Lashes Healthy

Make sure when searching for a Volume Lash artist, that they are using HANDMADE FANS, that they created themselves at the time of your appointment. Also the artist should only be applying one Volume fan per natural lash. They should not be stacked on each other, which is a mistake that causes too much weight. 


If you did inadvertently get Cluster Lashes, consider using an eyelash conditioning serum like Rodan + Fields Enhancements Lash Boost. For noticeable results, apply this serum for 8 weeks to restore lash health. 

Ready for Volume Lashes?

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