Employee Spotlight: Meet Samantha

Samantha is our Apprentice-Level Artist at our Middletown location. "I'm so proud of how far she's come in this short period of time. While she's at our Apprentice level, Sam's full sets are $150 for classic lashes. Book her now before her prices go up," says owner Tiffani Mitchell.

Full Name:  Samantha-Jo Segarra.    Hometown:  Bear, DE.   Pets:  I have two fur babies! A pom-a-poo named Louie, and a pitbull named Zeus.   “I Can’t Live Without My…”:   MAKEUP!  

Full Name: Samantha-Jo Segarra. 

Hometown: Bear, DE.

Pets: I have two fur babies! A pom-a-poo named Louie, and a pitbull named Zeus.

“I Can’t Live Without My…”:  MAKEUP!  

Three Words That Describe Me

Authentic, driven, and ardent.

I Am Passionate About

I am passionate about all things beauty, my family, and my two fur babies!

Who Inspires Me

Someone who inspires me is my Father. Baseball has always been my dad’s favorite sport, and he has played it throughout his entire life. Always making time for training and games no matter the obstacles. However a few years back, my father had a heart attack. I remember being in the hospital waiting room being so angry because my dad, who is an avid clean eater, works out regularly, doesn’t smoke, or drink could potentially be taken away from me by something I couldn’t control.

My Father was rushed into surgery, and thankfully the doctors were able to stabilize his heart. He had 3 stints put in. Once he was finally in recovery we were able to see him. I walked into his recovery room, stood next him, and asked, “How are you feeling?" My Father opened his eyes and said without skipping a beat, “I’m fine! I just want to make it to my playoff game!” 

This is why my Father inspires me. No matter what the world throws in front of him, he refuses to let it stop him from doing what he loves. If the odds are stacked against him every time, he will just fight harder. I strive to be like that in my career every day.

My Definition of Beauty Is

Beauty to me is in the way you carry yourself. Knowing that people, places, and things don’t define you. It's self-acceptance.

My Holy Grail Skincare Product Is

My current skincare obsession is undoubtedly the Epigrowth EGF Crème by A Natural Difference! In this cold winter weather, my skin can get pretty dry, but thanks to this crème, that’s a thing of the past!

Weirdest Place I’ve Found a Rogue Lash

I found not only a single rogue lash, but an entire strip of rogue lashes stuck on the belly of my pom-a-poo Louie!

One Thing I Tell All Of My Clients Is


One thing I tell all my clients is that they can always be honest with me! I am an Apprentice-Level Lash Artist, so I am still learning! I want them to leave feeling as happy as possible, so I always tell them if they want something tweaked or changed in any way to tell me! That’s what I’m here for, to make them happy! 

Advice For Aspiring Lash Artists, Aestheticians, and Makeup Artists

My advice for those aspiring lash artists, aestheticians, and makeup artists is “Make your passion your paycheck!” This career field is demanding and competitive. If you don’t really enjoy all that comes along with this career; it can chew you up and spit you out!! However, if you truly live for this, and are willing to work hard to enhance your skills, I believe it can be one of the most rewarding careers there is.

I Am Becoming a Lash Artist Because

I had originally entered the beauty world interested mainly in makeup. I always loved the confidence boost I was able to give and to deliver to people! Learning all the new techniques, trying out new products, and teaching here and there is just very fulfilling to me. 

Once I started taking on a larger clientele, I realized I really wanted a license under my belt. After searching the internet for makeup schools and realizing there weren’t any in my area, I set my sights on skincare. I thought makeup and skincare go hand in hand. The better the skin, the better the makeup. I enrolled in school and received my Medical Aestheticians license! It was one of the best decisions I made for my career because it taught me that makeup wasn’t my biggest passion, making women feel beautiful was! 

After finishing school, I continued doing makeup on my own and also shortly for Tiffani, owner of La Belle Studio. I have been working alongside Tiffani for about 3 years, and I have always admired all that Tiffani has taught me and has achieved for herself. You don’t find people like her often in this line of work, so willing to teach you to be better!

Being a makeup artist, I’ve always loved using lashes. I’ve seen the way they can elevate the eyes to a whole new level. Not only do I use them on my makeup clients, but after wearing them myself I can't go a day without them! That was when lashing sparked my interest and I wanted to learn how to do lash extensions! 

My Goals For 2018  

A goal I have for myself in 2018 is to graduate from an Apprentice-Level Lash Artist to a Junior-level Lash Artist! I hope to continue to grow in all aspects of my career and build a strong foundation for my future. 

Ready to book your full set of classic lashes with Samantha? Give us a call at 302-378-8880 to book your service. And stay in the loop, by asking to get placed on our INTEREST LIST FOR UPCOMING EVENTS, too!