About The Studio

La Belle

La Belle means "Beautiful," in French.  Founded in September 2014, in Trolley Square, La Belle Studio was created to provide beauty treatments for the every day woman. From the highest quality eyelash extensions and luxurious skin treatments, to the now-dominating trend of microblading, we have always been dedicated to keeping our clients beautiful; day-in and night-out.

La Belle knows that we do not flourish without making each and every individual that walks out of our door feel ten times better than when they walked in. It’s all about your perception as a client... not only of La Belle, but how you leave feeling about yourselves.  

Our studio prides itself on our ability to build lasting relationships, not only through attentive communication but through tailoring the best service for your every whim and need. This is what sets us apart.

La Belle offers a seamless beauty experience, from start to finish. Understanding the busyness and bustle of your schedule, we truly value your choice in trusting us to take care of your beauty needs. Our success is directly contingent upon your happiness.  

Our skilled staff at La Belle provides a combination of talented and highly experienced artistry with an ever-growing knowledge of growing beauty trends, rooted in continuous education and training in the modern industry.  

About The Owner

Tiffani Leigh Mitchell

In 2014, Tiffani Mitchell began her journey as a small business owner, operating a small beauty service company out of a tiny apartment. That small company has since grown to La Belle Studio, consisting of two full-service beauty studios in Trolley Square and Middletown, with plans to add a third location by 2020.

Her vision: to provide beauty treatments for the everyday woman. From the highest quality eyelash extensions and luxurious skin treatments, to the now-dominating trend of microblading and permanent cosmetics. The objective has always been to keeping La Belle clients feeling beautiful; not only on the outside, but on the inside as well.

With the help of her ever-growing team, her company continues to expand exponentially to keep up with the high demand of their beauty services. Tiffani explains,  “When clients choose La Belle, they are choosing us for an unparalleled quality of service. The experience we provide sets us apart from other businesses, and is the key to success for retaining repeat and consistent business”

It’s that repeat and consistent business that has helped La Belle to recently win the Delaware Business Times Fastest 50 Award, in the Emerging Growth category. “Once a client becomes a part of our La Belle family, it’s considered rare to see them go- we create relationships that go beyond providing a simple service, and that’s what keeps our clients coming back.”