Henna Brows: Everything You Need to Know

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If you’re a fan of regular brow tint, then you’re going to love henna brows.

Here’s what you need to know.

What Is It?

Henna gives you defined brows that last weeks longer than regular brow tint. It’s a quick, easy, and painless way to get perfect brows.

How It Works

As shown in the video on the right, an aesthetician applies henna, an all natural dye that temporarily stains the brow hairs as well as the skin beneath the brows.

The dye is applied using hairlike strokes with a brush to create the illusion of depth and fullness. Any sparseness is temporarily filled, giving you the look of lush, full brows.

After the dye is applied and you have your desired brow shape, wax is applied near the brows to remove any stray hairs. Finally, a spool brush is used to fluff the brows. The end result: gorgeous brows.

Henna tint plus brow shaping is $40.

How Long It Lasts

Regular brow tint lasts about a week. But henna brows last weeks longer depending on the health and state of your skin. Oily skin or skin that’s in a state of constant shedding won’t hold pigment well. As a result, their results may not last as long as someone who doesn’t have the same skin conditions.

For more info on the types of skin conditions and how they can affect your skin’s ability to retain pigment, check out Am I Candidate for Microblading? It’s a great read if you’re also considering microblading, too!

Ready to Try It?

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Employee Spotlight: Meet Amanda

This month we're shining the spotlight on Amanda!  

Full Name:  Amanda Porcelli   Hometown:  Middletown, DE.   Kids/Pets:  Bruno, my dog.   Three Words That Describe Me:  Caring, Creative, and Organized.     My Favorite Way to "Treat Yo Self...":  A bubble bath.

Full Name: Amanda Porcelli

Hometown: Middletown, DE.

Kids/Pets: Bruno, my dog.

Three Words That Describe Me: Caring, Creative, and Organized.  

My Favorite Way to "Treat Yo Self...": A bubble bath.

Best Beauty Trick I've Learned

Drink a lot of lemon water. 

My Holy Grail Skincare Product Is

Vitamin E Oil. I break open a Vitamin E capsule and apply it to my skin and lips before I go to bed.

Current Beauty/Trend I'm Loving

Full body glow using a mixture of bronzer and oil.

My Most Regrettable Beauty Faux Pas

After the movie 'Clueless' came out,  I sewed together my own yellow plaid skirt and blazer and went to school channeling Cher from the movie. The look was cute but only belongs in the movie! 

Who Inspires Me

People with humanity.

I Am Passionate About

My health and putting the right things into my body.

What Challenges Me

Everyday life.

One Thing I Really Want to Learn Is

More about the culture and languages of the different countries I hope to visit one day.

My Favorite Client Moment Is

Every time a client gets Microblading, they are so amazed and pleased with their results. I'm the first person to see the client before and after their procedure, and the result is always a stunning transformation.

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