Powder Ombre Brows 101

Put down the brow pencil. If you're tired of filling in your brows every day, but don't want to give up that finished powdered look, Powder Ombre Brows might be just what you're looking for. 

More importantly, it's the answer for those who aren't candidates for Microblading due to oily or problematic skin. Here's everything you need to know about this beautiful brow technique. 

It's Done With Machine Work 

Powder Ombre brows are done with a tattoo machine. This technique implements more pigment into the skin, allowing the brows to last a bit longer. In fact, most clients find the results last up to 18 months, some even 2 years! 


It's a Different Brow Look

Powder Ombre is a different brow look. This technique's results are lighter in the front, more filled in towards the back. The great thing about Powder Ombre is it can be made to appear natural or be made to look more dramatic.

Clients who fill in their brows every day, or want to achieve that powdery filled in look, will love being able to skip that step in their makeup routine. 

The Benefits Are Numerous

Almost anybody can get it done, as opposed to Microblading (which can’t be done on oily or problematic skin). The Machine Work barely hurts at all, and results last longer. It is also less traumatic for the skin, over time.  

We're Just Getting Started...

Check back next week when we dive deeper into the differences in eyebrow tattooing techniques with "Microblading vs Machine: What You Need to Know."  

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