Microblading vs Machine: What You Need to Know

Eyebrows play an important role in facial symmetry. It's no wonder that so many clients seek Microblading to restore their eyebrows or get the ones they've always wanted. 

But did you know there are multiple techniques that can help you achieve brow perfection? Here's what you need to know.

The Difference in Technique

Eyebrow tattooing can be done manually, by machine, or a combination of both. Forms include Microblading, Shading used in conjunction with Microblading, and Machine.  

MICROBLADING. A manual form of eyebrow tattooing using a handheld tool to create hairlike strokes. A small amount of pigment is placed on the edge of a grouping of needles and implanted into the skin. It typically fades within a year or two; resulting in the need for more regular touch ups to keep the strokes looking fresh. Microblading is great for replacing hairs or reinforcing the shape of a brown. 

SHADING. A manual method of eyebrow tattooing used in conjunction with microblading to create a fuller look. Shading is used in between Microblading strokes to create density. It heals to a nice powdery finish. Shading is great for those who don't have a lot of hair and want to create the effect of better shaped, fuller brows. It's great for those who like to fill their brows in with powder or pencil, because it gives the appearance of a powdery makeup finish. Below is an image of a La Belle Client who had Microblading and Shading. 

Microblading and Shading.jpg

MACHINE. Also a form of eyebrow tattooing, but instead of a handheld tool, the skilled artist uses a machine to create hairlike strokes. Depending on the technique, the artist can create hairlike strokes, powder, combination, or a powder ombre look. (This technique will be coming to La Belle Studio soon!) 

Microblading lasts approximately 6-18 months, with typical results lasting about one year. Machine Work lasts longer than Microblading, typically up to 18 months or even 2 years.

Which Is Right For Me?

Clients who have sparse or fine brow hair that are looking to restore hair and texture back to their brows are best suited for Machine. But if you're a lucky gal with relatively full brows that's looking to skip applying makeup to fill them in, then Microblading is what you're looking for.  

The biggest difference is whether clients want a super natural look (e.g. filled in hairs where hair is missing) or if they want a soft-filled makeup look. Machine is more versatile with how natural or dramatic the artist can make it. In fact, for some clients "Combo Brows" may be best suited for them. Here, Microblading strokes are done in the front, and Machine creates Powder Ombre in the back.

Remember Do Your Homework

Before scheduling your appointment, be sure to do you homework and find a skilled artist. They'll be able to tell you if Microblading or Machine Work is a viable option for you. Our post "How to Know If You're a Candidate for Microblading" also features frequently asked questions and information you need to know such as how medical conditions, skin conditions, and medications can affect whether you're a candidate for the procedure. 

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