Feu et Glace Facial: The Best of Both Worlds

Feu et Glace means “fire and ice,” and this facial offers our clients the best of both worlds. This 60-minute facial uses active and soothing elements to repair and rejuvenate your complexion with ingredients that brighten, smooth and tighten, leaving you with an overall healthier and more youthful appearance.

What Makes It Unique

Feu et Glace is a different experience than your typical facial. First, product is applied to warm up the skin, followed by different products to cool the skin dramatically. Here is a video of the Feu et Glace Facial in action. (Want to see more facial videos? Follow us on Instagram!)

The Benefits

By warming up the skin, you’re increasing blood flow and circulation. During this part of the facial, you will feel a soothing warming sensation. Then when the cooling products are applied, you’ll experience a cooling sensation that reduces inflammation or any swelling of the skin.

The end result: Skin left feeling super refreshed and radiant.

Pre and Post Facial Care

Prior to the facial be sure to refrain from waxing for at least 48 hours. Also refrain from laser treatments beforehand as well.

There is no downtime with this treatment. Although your skin may seem a bit flushed for a couple hours, you won’t have to worry about shedding, redness, irritation, or inflammation.


To keep up your results, the best take home products are Sorella Rosehip Warming Masque and Sorella Facial in a Bottle.

You can also get this facial as often as you’d like. While monthly facials are a nice treat, scheduling a facial one a season is a must to keep your skin healthy.


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Disclaimer: Clients with rosacea should not get this facial, or anyone using Retin-A, accutane, or topical acne medication prescribed from a doctor. If you are using Retin-A, or topical products, we suggest trying another facial from our Menu.

Employee Spotlight: Meet Jackie

This month we’re shining the spotlight on Jackie!

Full Name:  Jacqueline Scully   Hometown:  Wilmington, DE   Three Words That Describe Me:  Funny, Outgoing, Caring.   My Favorite Way to "Treat Yo Self...":  Getting a Pedicure and Dessert.

Full Name: Jacqueline Scully

Hometown: Wilmington, DE

Three Words That Describe Me: Funny, Outgoing, Caring.

My Favorite Way to "Treat Yo Self...": Getting a Pedicure and Dessert.

Best Beauty Trick I’ve Learned

The soap brow trend to get a big fluffy brow by using a spool in soap and brushing it through the brows.

My Holy Grail Skincare Product Is

Blueberry Milk by Sorella Apothecary.

Current Beauty/Trend I’m Loving

Fluffy brows and fresh glowing skin.

My Most Regrettable Beauty Faux Pas

Not blending my lip liner enough with my lipstick.

Who Inspires Me

I wouldn’t say one person in particular because I am inspired in so many ways. I’m inspired by makeup artists who do flawless, effortless beauty looks, by permanent makeup artists who create brows or areolas for people who have gone through traumatic illnesses, and by people who strive to take care of our planet.

I Am Passionate About

Making people feel good about themselves.

What Challenges Me

What challenges me is the constant need to always improve, evolve, and keep up with trends in this fast paced, quickly changing industry.

One Thing I Really Want to Learn Is

Lip blush for permanent makeup! I love the way it looks, and I want to be able to provide that to my clients.

My Favorite Client Moment Is

When my clients see their new, freshly microbladed eyebrows!

Ready for stunning lashes, fresh skin, or full brows? Give us a call at 302-656-0555 or 302-378-8880 to book your service.