7 Unique Beauty Habits From Around the World

“What’s your beauty secret?” From shiny hair to youthful skin, everyone wants to know how you achieved that result. And depending on where in the world you ask, the answer may vary.

We’re sharing 7 interesting beauty habits/techniques from different countries. Some tips may surprise you, others will likely look familiar. And this is just the tip of the beauty secret iceberg…

1. Turkey - Daisy Water

Daisies aren’t just for decoration, in Turkey, they’re used to boost natural blonde highlights. The Daisy Water Method consists of boiling one cup of fresh daisies in two cups of water. Once the concoction is cooled, they remove/strain the daisies, and use the remaining liquid to pour over their hair. Then they let their hair air dry.

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For this one, we’re not entirely sure how much of a highlight boost you’ll get. But the key appears to be using it on natural blonde hair. If you’re a brunette, play it safe and leave your highlights to the professionals.

2. Singapore - Avocado Mask

We love our avocados on toast, transformed into guac, and sliced up in salads. But in Singapore, they’re using them for Avocado Face Masks.

First, they peel the avocado, then mash it, and finally slather all over their face. They leave the paste on for approximately 15 minutes before washing the mask off.

Although avocados have many benefits, as we always caution, double-check with your aesthetician before trying any at home remedy.

3. Bulgaria - Natural Rose Water

If you ever travel to Bulgaria and ask someone what’s their secret to clear skin, you’ll likely hear “Rose Water.” This natural beauty secret is sourced from Bulgaria’s Rose Valley, and is used for cleansing and moisturizing.

4. Greece - Olive Oil

For this one, we’re giving credit to Greece, but using Olive Oil as a beauty treatment is common in other countries in the Mediterranean, too. Olive Oil’s essential fatty acids make it a great moisturizer for skin, nails, and hair.

5. Zanzibar - Seaweed

Wait before you toss that seaweed back into the ocean. Did you know seaweed contains Vitamins A and B12 plus zinc and iron? It’s no wonder the residents of Zanzibar use it to make their soap. Seaweed acts as a purifying and moisturizing ingredient making it a nourishing cleansing bar.

6. Japan - Matcha

For Japanese residents, Matcha is an essential ingredient for glowy skin thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties which reduce redness. Typically it’s consumed in either tea or coffee form.

Looks like our next Starbucks order will be an Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte.

7. Australia - Sea Water

Jennifer Aniston is the queen of soft, beachy waves. And in Australia, you don’t have to spend a dime on buying a product to replicate that look. Instead, they’re using sea water from the beach. Simply pour it into a spray bottle and use at home.

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That’s one DIY tip we can definitely take home with us.

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