All About Jade Rollers

Jade Rollers have been around a couple centuries, dating back to the 17th century. But within the past year they’ve experienced a boost in popularity thanks to beauty bloggers touting them on their social media feeds.

So, what makes this ancient Chinese self-care tool so popular? We’re breaking it all down for you.

What Is a Jade Roller?


A jade roller is a handheld massaging tool that looks like a small paint roller.

Rollers come in two versions: a single jade stone head, and a two jade stone head. The latter version features a large stone and a smaller one on opposite ends.

The larger roller is great for broad surfaces while the smaller roller is perfect for the more delicate areas and harder to reach places of the face.

The Benefits

Jade Roller.png

Using a jade roller has so many benefits! It reduces inflammation and puffiness in the skin, stimulates the lymphatic system and blood circulation, soothes under eye circles, and brightens the skin.

It can also be used alone on slightly moist skin, or in conjunction with your targeted facial serum (or moisturizer) for maximum benefits.

First, apply your skincare product, allowing it to soak into the skin. Then use your roller to massage the skincare product in for better penetration.

How to Use Your Roller

When using your roller, be sure to always roll up, not down. Using the larger roller:

  • Start in the middle of the face and roll upwards and outwards across the cheeks.

  • Next, move the roller to the eyebrows and roll upwards across the forehead.

  • Finally, move the roller below the lower lip and roll downward across the chin.

BONUS TIP: Store your roller in the fridge for extra eye de-puffing power.

We carry the Mount Lai Jade Roller, available at both La Belle Studio locations.

How to Care for Your Roller

Don’t forget to clean your roller after every use. Not only will this remove any skincare product residue that may be on the roller, but it will lessen the risk of transmitting bacteria, too.

In the Mood for Glowing Skin?  

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