Fact or Fiction: Debunking Skincare Myths

We’re lifting the veil of mystery on some common skincare myths. Read on to find out which ones are true, and which ones are false.

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True or False: Peels Make All of Your Skin Come Off


False: Peels accelerate the exfoliation process, leaving the skin looking radiant. And there are different types of peels with different ranges of downtime.

However, don’t be afraid, peels won’t leave you looking like Samantha from Sex and the City.

Verdict: This myth is false.

True or False: Coconut Oil Clogs Your Pores

True: Coconut oil has many benefits, but using it on your face isn’t one of them. Coconut oil is a comedogenic, which means it can clog your pores. Comedogenic products can cause blackheads and breakouts, especially if you have acne prone skin.

Verdict: This myth is true.

True or False: Don’t Use Moisturizer If You Have Oily Skin

False: It might seem counterintuitive, but even oily skin needs moisture. Oily skin can still get dehydrated so be sure to use a gentle skincare line that not only cleanses, but exfoliates and moisturizes, too. Incorporate a Purifying Facial Bar, Clarity Serum, and Balance Moisturizer into your skincare regime. (We recommend Fresh Faced Skincare’s line.)

Verdict: This myth is false.

True or False: Loading on Medication Will Clear Up Acne

False: Running to a dermatologist and loading on medication will not necessarily clear up acne. A lot of medications that are prescribed can cause serious inflammation as well, which can be counterintuitive. It’s not a one size fits all prescription plan for everyone. Unfortunately, a lot of times the same medications are prescribed for everyone.

(Check out our post Acne 101 for helpful tips on how to care for acne prone skin.)

Verdict: This one is false.

True or False: Dermaplaning Causes Hair to Grow Back Thicker

Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 6.19.58 PM.png

False: Dermaplaning does not cause your hair to grow back thicker. You’re removing layers of dead skin and peach fuzz. Your hair will grow back, but it will look just like it did before.

Verdict: This myth is false.


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