3 Beneficial Skincare Services for Fall

Changing your skincare with each season is critical for achieving flawless skin. But to maximize the effectiveness of those skincare products, make sure you pencil in a skincare service like a facial, peel, or dermaplaning. This fall, try one or more of these services for healthy, glowy skin.



Peels accelerate the exfoliation process and leave the skin looking radiant. They also help improve absorption of skincare products. 

La Belle offers AHA/BHA exfoliation by chemical peel. Clients can also use at home A Natural Difference’s Pumpkin Enzyme Peel (5%), available for purchase at La Belle.

To maximize the effects of your peel, consider getting dermaplaning first. It will remove the layers of dead skin so you'll get maximum results. 

2. Dermaplaning


Dermaplaning is a form of exfoliation that removes the top layers of dead skin plus peach fuzz. 

Typically you should get dermaplaning once a month, or prior to a facial service for maximum results.

Dead skin cells create a barrier, preventing products like serums and moisturizers from being absorbed. And for those who suffer from acne, it helps with your skin’s frequent shedding cycle. Dermaplaning can help you avoid dead skin build up which clogs your pores.

While dermaplaning is safe for all skin types, let your aesthetician know if you have any skin allergies or sensitivity prior to the procedure. And if you have acne, it's recommended you wait until breakouts are clear before treatment. 



Like peels and dermaplaning, facials also have many benefits for the skin. Depending on the type, facials can cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate. Not only do facials make your skin glow, they can help with health problems, too. 

It's not uncommon to experience fall allergies. And if you have bad allergies, especially sinus issues, facials can make a difference! A facial will help with lymphatic drainage which will alleviate pressure and decrease puffiness. 

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