Real Talk: The Background Story

Hi there! : ) 


My name is Tiffani, for those of you who don't know me, or my story. Don't worry, I'm about to fill you in. ; )

For as long as I can remember, my mind has been all about business. It's in my blood. It's how my brain operates. I breathe it, I live it... It is my passion, day in and day out.

Yes, I did "technically" go to school for it, but real business isn't something you can learn in school. It's innate; it's something you either have or you don't. 

I often tell people the funny story about my "job" during my freshman year of college at James Madison. 

At JMU, you were not allowed to have your car on campus. Campus was a little "bubble," where if you didn't have a car you (A.) Didn't leave campus, or (B.) were forced to take the public transportation busses, making it hard to get a job outside of campus. 

The older students were chosen first for the "on campus" jobs, so it was a little difficult to make money. I've worked since I was 15, and by the time I left for college, I was on my own when it came to buying clothes, and anything that wasn't deemed a "necessity." 

One day, after I overdrew my bank account (for probably the third time that first semester), I saw a flyer for a place in town where you could literally sell your "blood plasma" for cash. I thought, "Hmm this can't be serious. Who does that? But wait, I can make over $100 a week doing this? And I can technically make my own schedule? Woah! Count me in!"

I quickly learned that the more consecutive times you went in a week, the larger the payout. I would chug 3 liters of water each morning before taking the public transportation bus to the plasma center. My friends thought I was crazy; I definitely couldn't tell my parents. And I literally kept that going until the nurses had a hard time poking me to get the IV in. I laugh thinking back to it now, but HEY... sometimes you just gotta hustle. And18-year-old Tiff was killing it.

Fast forward to today: I'm still hustling.

A little over 4 years ago, I became 100% self-employed. I took that giant leap of faith that everyone is so nervous to take. And I truly haven't looked back since. I went from doing services out of my tiny apartment living room (by myself), to owning a majorly successful business, with two locations, and 14 employees and counting. 

The business continues to expand at a rapid rate. Every day my life has become one big puzzle in learning to plan for growth, stabilize (to prevent burn out), manage 14 women with all different personalities, plan our new location expansion, all WHILE trying to have somewhat of a personal life and keeping myself sane! (Ha!) How does that work? I'm not sure, but in this blog series, I plan to share with you what I've found so far. : ) 

Each month, I will share my "Real Talk" blog posts focused on entrepreneurship. I plan to touch on topics like:  

  • How I started my business.
  • Handling work/life balance.
  • Cultivating growth and sharing knowledge. (We'll talk about having enough success to go around.) 
  • Navigating the challenging aspects of running a business. 
  • How I problem solve and plan for the future.
  • Creating and manifesting life goals into realities. 
  • Plus, I want to answer any questions that you have, too! I want to help all of you pursue your passions and achieve your entrepreneurial dreams. 

On that note, I'm so excited to start this new monthly blog series. Hopefully, you'll also enjoy my appreciation for travel and love of tacos, which will likely both make an appearance in these blog posts, too!

Got a question or business-related topic you want me to write about? Leave it in the comments below!