Lashes & Brows: Clients Who Have Experienced Hair Loss

Some medical conditions can cause hair loss. Individuals who have autoimmune deficiencies, thyroid disease, cancer, etc. may experience sparseness or lose their hair completely. And hair loss doesn't just affect the scalp, it can affect the entire body including lashes and brows. 

Lashes and brows can have a dramatic effect. Brows frame your face and lashes accentuate your eyes. When both are gone, it's only natural to want to replace that symmetry. 

However when lashes and brows are affected by hair loss, it can present unique challenges for lash extensions as well as microblading and shading for brows. If you're a client with one of these conditions who's considering lash extensions and/or microblading, there are a few things you need to know. 

Lash Extensions Can Be Challenging 

The complete absence of natural lashes can be problematic. Without lashes, there's no foundation for the lash extension to bond to. And if the client does have natural lashes, they may be too sparse and/or not healthy enough to support the extensions. 

During a consultation, a lash artist will be able to evaluate the client's lashes, and explain their options. 

Eyebrow Tattooing Might Be An Option

While lash extensions may not work for most clients with hair loss, they might still be a candidate for eyebrow tattooing (e.g. microblading and shading). However, due to the thickness/toughness of their skin, it may not heal as well. The client's skin condition, will affect their end results.

Also clients need to be off chemo for at least six months to a year. Some medications can affect the way pigment retains, too. 

Carol, a La Belle Studio client who has alopecia, is one example of a positive outcome with eyebrow tattooing. During Carol's first session, we used microblading and manual shading. Here are a few pics showing her journey from before to after.  

During her second session, we were so pleased with how the microblading and manual shading retained on her, that we only added more strokes, no additional shading needed. Sometimes alopecia clients don't retain color well, and skin can be really tough to predict. Here as you can see in the pics from her second session, Carol's skin retained the color. 

Prior to any procedure or service, clients with alopecia or any medical condition, should always check with their doctor and schedule a consultation to see what their options are. 

Interested in a Consultation? 

If you're interested in exploring your options, or have family/friends that might, give us a call 302-656-0555, 302-378-8880 to schedule your appointment.

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