Dermaplaning 101: Your FAQs Answered

Dermaplaning is a great way to refresh your complexion. Whether you're contemplating dermaplaning for the first time, or just curious about dermaplaning, here are the answers to some commonly asked questions by clients. 

What Are the Benefits?

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Dermaplaning removes the top layers of skin cells revealing fresh, smooth skin underneath, which opens the door to a multitude of benefits.

Benefits include not only glowing skin but improved skincare product absorption. This is particularly important if you're experiencing a skincare plateau. Dead skin cells create a barrier, preventing products like serums and moisturizers from being absorbed.

And if you suffer from acne, you're all too familiar with your skin's frequent shedding cycle. Dermaplaning can help you avoid dead skin build up, which clogs your pores, contributing to the vicious acne cycle.  

How Does It Work?

A skilled aesthetician uses a surgical scalpel to remove the dead skin cells from your face. As the top layers of dead skin are being removed, so is peach fuzz, too. Once the treatment is complete, you're left with glowy, plus hair-free, smooth skin.  

What Does It Feel Like?

It's not painful, and to be honest, a lot of clients start to doze off during the treatment. Some clients even say it feels like a "pet cat licking their faces." The entire procedure takes 20-30 minutes tops. 

Is There Any Downtime?

Nope, once dermaplaning is complete, your face may be reddish, but that should quickly subside. Unlike other treatments (e.g. chemical peels) there is no downtime with dermaplaning. 

Can You Use It in Conjunction With Other Treatments?

Definitely! We recommend dermaplaning before a facial service for maximum results. La Belle Studio offers dermaplaning with enzyme peel for $50.  

How Often Should You Get It Done?

Typically once a month, or prior to a facial service for maximum results. 

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