Brazilian Waxing 101

Shaving your legs can be a nerve-wracking experience. There's always the possibility of cuts, in-grown hairs, or razor burn. Now imagine trying to remove hair with a razor from an even more intimate area. Yikes! 

When you need to groom below the belt, put down the razor and try Brazilian Waxing instead. 

What Is Brazilian Waxing


Like body waxing, Brazilian Waxing is also a semi-permanent form of hair removal. Unlike a Bikini Wax which only removes the hair along the bikini line, a Brazilian Wax removes all of the hair in the genital area, from the front to the back. (You can opt to leave a small triangle or landing strip, too.)

By removing hair from the root, the result is smooth skin that stays hair-free longer than traditional shaving. And overtime your hair will grow back finer, making it less noticeable between treatments.  

What to Expect

Disposable underwear typically used during a Bikini Wax, only gets in the way during a Brazilian Wax. Here, you will need to remove all clothing so that your lower half is bare. Prior to the procedure, you and your aesthetician will discuss your styling preference: completely bare, small triangle, landing strip, etc. 

Your aesthetician will remove all of the hair from the front pubic area first. Then they will quickly finish up by waxing the anal area as well.

First-timers will experience more discomfort since the bulb of the hair is larger than the pore it's been pulled from. Overtime the level of pain will lessen. Also hair grows in several stages, with everyone's rate of hair growth being different. So, it's not unusual to notice some sporadic hair regrowth, especially for first-time waxers. 

How to Prepare 

Stop all forms of hair removal for at least three weeks before your appointment. This will allow time for adequate hair growth since the wax needs at least a quarter-inch of growth to adhere to.

The day of your waxing, be sure to cleanse the area, avoid lotions or oils, and take Tylenol at least a half hour before your appointment to help with the pain. Avoid Ibuprofen which thins the blood. 

Like regular body waxing, Brazilian Waxing can only be done on healthy skin. Make sure the area is clear of any flare ups (STD related, psoriasis, sunburn, etc.) A break out will require you to postpone your appointment until your skin clears up. 

If you're on your period, waxing will be more painful because your skin is more sensitive during that time of the month. If possible, try scheduling your waxing appointment right after your period. 

Post Wax Care

During the first 24-28 hours your skin will be sensitive. Use a cold compress to reduce pain and swelling, wear loose clothing, and avoid harsh chemicals. Abstain from sexual activity, exercise, baths, saunas, the beach, and pool. All of these will irritate newly waxed skin, plus heighten the risk for potential infection, too.  

Once your skin is void of any redness, exfoliate the area with a gentle scrub to prevent in-grown hair. 

Ready to Get Smooth, Hair-Free Skin?

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