Employee Spotlight: Meet Kara

"Kara has been with La Belle the longest of our Middletown employees. Her talent and passion for her work is undeniable. I've been very proud of how she has taken a leadership role since opening our Middletown location in June. She's not only passionate about helping clients, but also teaching and helping out her fellow artists. Because of this, I recently promoted her to Master Artist position in Middletown. Well deserved," says owner Tiffani Mitchell.

Full Name:  Kara Croft.   Hometown:  Middletown, DE.   Kids/Pets:  I have a black cat. : )   “I Can’t Live Without My…”:   Nephew.   

Full Name: Kara Croft.

Hometown: Middletown, DE.

Kids/Pets: I have a black cat. : )

“I Can’t Live Without My…”:  Nephew.   

Three Words That Describe Me

Spontaneous, unique, and passionate.   

I Am Passionate About

My family and my work. 

Who Inspires Me

My mom. 

My Definition of Beauty Is

I believe that beauty comes from within. You can only really be beautiful, if you feel beautiful on the inside.

My Holy Grail Skincare Product Is

A Natural Difference and Eminence.

Weirdest Place I’ve Found a Rogue Lash

I've actually found an eyelash on the stove before. 

My Favorite Client Moment Is

When my clients tell me how gorgeous they feel because of me! 

One Thing I Tell All Of My Clients Is

They can always reach out to me if they have questions. I love being there for my clients! 

Advice For Aspiring Lash Artists

Learn as much as you can constantly because the beauty industry is always advancing and changing.  

Kara Work.jpeg

I Became a Lash Artist Because

I have a true passion for helping people feel and look beautiful! 

My Goals For 2018

I want to learn microblading/tattooing. 

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