All About Lashes: BEFORE and Afters

Lashes can change the whole appearance of your eyes. Simply by adding length and volume with lash extensions, the effect is stunning. Lush fringe makes you appear more wide-eyed and youthful. And the best part, it's customizable, allowing you to choose a classic look or go for a bit more dramatic one.

It's important to mention that each person has a different eye shape and number of lashes. Depending on yours, the final results may look different from someone else's. 

La Belle Studio offers three types of full lash sets: Classic, Volume, and Mixed Classic and Volume. And our different levels of artistry include Apprentice-Level Artist, Junior-Level Artist, Senior-Level Artist, Master-Level Artist, and Expert-Level Artist.

Here are a few of our favorite client lash transformations including eye-opening before and afters. 

Classic Lash Full Set

Lashes are applied to your natural lashes in a 1:1 ratio, with one lash extension per natural lash.

Here are two clients, each with a Classic Lash Full Set. From left to right: applied by Junior-Level Artist Kelly; applied by Apprentice-Level Artist Samantha.  

Volume Lash Full Set

A Volume Lash Full Set gives a fluffy full look. It consists of 3-6 individual lashes that create a fan that's applied to one natural lash. The lash thickness is typically between .05-.07 in diameter. Volume lashes can give weaker natural lashes a fuller, fluffier look that's fully customizable.

Here are three clients, each with a Volume Lash Full Set. From left to right: applied by Expert-Level Artist Amyapplied by Senior-Level Artist Kara; and applied by Master-Level Artist Alli.

Mixed Classic and Volume Set

Volume:Classic Mix Set by Master Ali.jpg

It's the best of both worlds. The image on the right is a beautiful Mixed Classic and Volume set by Master-Level Artist Alli.   

Before and Afters

Nothing illustrates the wow-factor of fabulous lashes better than a side by side "before and after" comparison. Here are a few La Belle Studio clients with a variety of gorgeous lash styles.

From left to right: applied by Senior-Level Artist Chelsea; applied by Senior-Level Artist Heather; applied by Senior-Level Artist Chelsea; applied by Senior-Level Artist Kara; applied by Senior-Level Artist Chelsea; Junior-Level Artist Kelly; and applied by Senior Level Artist Chelsea. 

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