5 Sunless Tanning Tips for Spring Wedding/Prom Season

Welcome Dee McLaughlin, owner of Walkin' On Sunshine, who is guest blogging this week on the La Belle Studio Blog! Dee is sharing her expertise on sunless tanning, body skincare, and product tips.  


Hey, Sunshines! We are so excited that our favorite time of the year is almost here! Spring Weddings and Prom Season are rolling right around the corner, so we thought we’d share some helpful information as you get ready for your events this Spring.

1. Before You Spray, Check These Items Off Your List 

Prior to your sunless spray tan, be sure to take care of the following, which can affect the results of your sunless tan. 

EXFOLIATING. Start by doing full body exfoliations to remove that sometimes “scaly” winter dead skin, then follow with moisturizer. (For our favorite exfoliator and great hydrating tips, check out our January guest blog post.) 

SHAVING/WAXING. This should always be done prior to getting your spray tan. Tanning solution will adhere to hair and reduce the effectiveness of the spray tan, potentially resulting in an un-even spray. 

MANI/PEDIS. If possible, try to do this before your special event tan as well. Some of the products used during these beauty treatments are exfoliants. So, if you must do this after your tan, make sure to tell your technician not to use anything that could exfoliate your skin.

2. Make Sure to Pencil in Downtime  

The tanning process takes about 25 minutes, which includes about 15 minutes for the spray and then about 10 minutes of drying time. But you need to wait at least 6 hours to give the DHA time to fully activate. If you wear tight fitting clothing, engage in vigorous physical activity, swim, or shower before your sunless tan fully develops, you run the risk of lines and streaking.  


For our athletes and fitness fanatics, it is always best to let us know ahead of time if you have any workouts, games, practices, or rehearsals so we can pick the best day and time for your session. The same applies for brides and their bridal party, and prom-goers. We will schedule your appointment around important things that will be being done or happening a few days prior to your BIG DAY. 

When you call to schedule, keep this in mind. (Our reservation specialist will ask, too).

3. Don't Forget Oil-Free Sunblock! 

You should be wearing sunscreen year round, not just during the spring. But if you're planning on getting spray tanned frequently, be sure to invest in some oil-free sunblock because it will keep your sunless tan looking sweet while on sunny excursions and trips to the BEACH!

Also, I realize there are many who don't necessarily think sunblock is healthy for you (e.g chemicals) and won’t use it. If that's the case, please protect your skin by layering up with protective clothing and stay in the shade. 

4. Got Tan Lines? We Can Camouflage That!


We don't prefer our peeps get "crispy fried" before coming in to get sprayed. The shedding skin can take a few weeks to peel, making your tan look a bit funny! But we understand things happen. If you have light or dark tan/pinkish lines, we can absolutely blend them to the perfect all over bronze!

5. This Time of Year Is Busy, Book Your Appointment ASAP 

This time of year spots fill up fast. To secure your natural glow or that “wow” factor, definitely make sure to book your appointment ASAP at one of our two locations: La Belle Studio in Middletown, or Maureen's Hair Salon and Day Spa in Wilmington's Pike Creek area! Plus, we offer bridal packages as well as tanning packages for the prom-goers who are attending multiple dances! Call 302-545-6124 to book your appointment.

Until next time... Enjoy the rest of your winter y'all!