Employee Spotlight: Meet Amy

"Amy is our most Expert Artist at La Belle Studio. She has been with my company the longest, is insanely talented, and her clients absolutely adore her. If you want to get an appointment for the first time with Amy, be prepared to wait at least a few weeks. She is a hot commodity, but well worth the wait!" says owner Tiffani Mitchell.

Full Name:  Amy Lopez.    Hometown:  Providence, RI.   Kids/Pets:  I have an 11-year-old son Aiden, and a Shih Tzu named Toby.   “I Can’t Live Without My…”:   COFFEE! : )  

Full Name: Amy Lopez. 

Hometown: Providence, RI.

Kids/Pets: I have an 11-year-old son Aiden, and a Shih Tzu named Toby.

“I Can’t Live Without My…”:  COFFEE! : )  

Three Words That Describe Me

Passionate, adventurous, and witty.  

I Am Passionate About


Who Inspires Me

Motherhood inspires me to be great at everything I do. 

My Definition of Beauty Is

Beauty is self love. 

My Holy Grail Skincare Product Is

I can't live without my MAC wipes! 

Weirdest Place I’ve Found a Rogue Lash

My refrigerator. Haha. 

My Favorite Client Moment Is

A client who has alopecia came in for lash extensions. I was able to lash her tiny lashes. She was so happy; she cried. 

One Thing I Tell All Of My Clients Is

Make sure you wash your lashes because I'm ruthless at calling clients out when I can tell that their lashes haven't been washed.  


Advice For Aspiring Lash Artists

Take your time. Be patient. 

I Became a Lash Artist Because

I've always loved the beauty world, enhancing our natural beauty. There's no better feeling than making someone feel great about themselves. 

My Goals For 2018

I want to continue to prosper in my career, so definitely learning new skills within my field so I can always provide a great life for my family. 

Ready to book your full set of lashes with Amy? Give us a call at 302-656-0555 to book your service.

(EVENT REMINDER: There's still time to reserve your spot for our upcoming Feb. 24 Dermaplaning Event at our Middletown location! Call 302-378-8880 to book and place deposit.)