Skincare Series: Your 30s

Ah your 30s. Isn't it ironic when you're supposed to finally feel comfortable in your skin, that your skin changes?

As we get older, our hormones fluctuate and genetics kick in. It's not uncommon to find your teenage hormonal acne is back. A once vibrant complexion might start to look dull or splotchy. There may even be signs that your skin's elasticity is starting to weaken.   

But there's no need to fear your 30s. With the right skincare maintenance you can have healthy, fabulous skin. Here's how.

Exfoliate With Dermaplaning 

Skin cell turnover begins to slow in your 30s, which can make your skin appear dull. While a facial scrub might have worked in your 20s, in your 30s you need something stronger like dermaplaning combined with enzyme peel ($40 at La Belle). Dermaplaning will remove the dead skin cells at the surface and an enzyme peel will accelerate the exfoliation process. 

Incorporate Facials & Multi-Masking 

If you aren't already, start incorporating facials into your routine, too. Depending on the type of facial, a facial can cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate, stimulate blood circulation, and help with lymphatic drainage (decrease puffiness). La Belle offers a 75-Minute Customized Facial ($105) and 45-Minute Mini Facial ($75). 


Multi-Masking is another great option you can do from the comfort of your home. It uses several different treatments at the same time to target specific areas on the face, enabling you to create a customized masking treatment. Got dry skin on your chin and cheeks, and breakouts on your nose? Apply a hydrating mask to those flaky areas, and then a charcoal mask to your nose.  

Tackle Dry Skin With Vitamin C 

Dry skin and an uneven skin tone ages you. By using products like Cellular Repair Concentrate With Vitamin C, morning and night, you'll boost hydration and even out your skin tone. 

In conjunction with Vitamin C, use a moisturizer with natural humectants in it, too, which will bind water to the skin. Not sure what to look for? Some natural humectants are aloe, algae, Hyaluronic acid, Alpha hydroxy acid, and honey.

Treat Acne With Fresh Face Skincare

Acne breakouts aren't just for teenagers and 20-somethings. It can carry over to your 30s, too. Genetics determine your skin shedding cycle. For those who suffer from acne, proper skincare and regular peels are key. As we've mentioned before, Erica Suppa's Fresh Face Skincare product line (which we carry) works wonders. 

Reminder: Don't Forget Sunscreen! 

While some skincare habits that worked for you in your 20s may no longer cut it in your 30s, there is one habit you should never break: APPLYING SUNSCREEN. We break down everything you need to know about sunscreen including what SPF really means in our post: Skincare Series: In Your 20s

Ready to make your 30s your best decade of skin yet? Give us a call at 302-656-0555, 302-378-8880 to book your next facial service.