Changing Your Hair Color? Don't Forget to Update Your Brows!

Raise your hand if you've ever neglected your brows when making a huge color change. 

Blonde, brown, red, black... Switching up your hair color can be fun and transformative. But sometimes we're so distracted by our glossy new color that we forget all about our brows. Your eyebrows should accentuate, not clash with your hair color. Whenever you do a dramatic hair color change, don't forget to update your brows too! 

Leave It To the Professionals

While it might be tempting to dye them yourself DON'T! Leave your eyebrows to the professionals. Your brows are more delicate than your hair. You can't apply the same hair dye to your brows. You run the risk of irritating your skin, and even worse, singeing your brows off. And unless you're Cara Delevingne, no one can pull off the "no brow look." 

Brow Shade 101

Going Darker: The goal is bolder and richer brows. Focusing on the darkest shade of your hair will bring out the undertones of your brows, for a lush, full, healthy brow color.  

Colorful Hair: For cotton candy pink, blue, or rainbow hair, refrain from matching your eyebrows to your hair color. You want some contrast, plus there's a good chance your hair color will fade (or you may even change it again), making the upkeep more trouble than it's worth. Instead, opt for finding the darkest hair on your head and matching your brows to that. 

La Belle Brow Tint

La Belle Studio offers three shades of tint and application is $15. Our tint typically lasts about a week, making it more of a special occasion, or add-on treat for a service you're already getting (e.g. Lash Tint and Lift).

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