5 Reasons Why You're Experiencing a Skincare Regime Plateau

Hair growth and weight loss plateaus are real. But can your skincare regime plateau, too? If you've been using a skincare product line with measurable results only to find it stops working after a while, all signs point to yes.  

However, why you're experiencing a plateau depends on a variety of factors. And just because a product plateaus for you, doesn't necessarily mean it will plateau for your friend. Here are 5 reasons why some clients experience a plateau and how they can move past it. 

1. You Stop Using Before the Recommended Time 

It's only normal to get frustrated and bored when a product line isn't delivering results. But before you ditch it for a shiny new line, make sure you've given the product line a decent chance. Read the label (and ask your trusted expert), for how long you should expect before you see results. 

Perhaps, it's normal to experience a boost in hydration the first week, but it may take a couple more weeks before you notice fine lines diminishing. The reality is some products can take anywhere from a few weeks to up to three months WITH CONSISTENT USE before you see significant results. If you ditch the products after just a week, you've never given them a chance to actually work to their full potential. 


How to Get Over the Plateau: We're an instant gratification society, so we know it's hard. But don't prematurely stop a regime before giving it a chance to fully take effect. Not only is it a disservice to your skin, but it's wasted money down the drain. 

2. You Aren't Exfoliating Often Enough 

Perhaps you got a peel and started a Vitamin C serum at the same time. At first, your results were great. But slowly you start to notice your skin is becoming less radiant and hydrated. You're still consistently applying your Vitamin C serum every day and seeing no improvement. You're ready to toss the product in the trash, but wait! When was the last time you exfoliated? Was it when you got your peel a couple months ago? Uh oh. 

Skincare 101: exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! Dead skin cells make it difficult for serums and moisturizers to penetrate the skin. And if your skin is in a constant state of shedding (e.g. acne), it's even more imperative that you remove the layers of dead skin first. By revealing the fresh new skin below, it clears the path for absorption. Proper absorption is the key to maximum skincare results. 

How to Get Over the Plateau: Make sure you're staying on top of your exfoliation by getting regular peels. La Belle offers AHA/BHA exfoliation by chemical peel. And to maximize the effect, we recommend adding dermaplaning first.  

3. You Aren't Layering in the Right Order

Like dead skin cells, layering out of order can also create a barrier that prevents absorption, which will affect your results. Thicker consistencies applied first, make it harder for thinner consistencies to penetrate. And since thinner consistencies are the most concentrated type of product, it's no wonder you aren't seeing the results you expect. They're not reaching your skin. 


Let's say some weeks you apply your serum first, other weeks your moisturizer goes on first. Here, your results are inconsistent. It feels like to you, for every two steps forward you go three steps back. What's going on? Your moisturizer (a thicker consistency) is creating a barrier that's preventing the serum (a thinner consistency) from penetrating, which diminishes the effectiveness.

How to Get Over the Plateau: Make sure you're always applying your skincare products in the proper order, following the rule of thumb: from thin to thick. Check out our article "How to Layer Your Skincare Products for Max Results" for other great tips, too. 

4. Your Product Is Only Meant to Do X (Not Y and Z, Too)

Now if you are keeping up on your exfoliation and applying in the correct order, it's possible the product line you're using isn't designed to go beyond what it is intended for. Let's say you're using a moisturizer with humectants and you're pleased with how hydrated your skin is. But you're still noticing fine lines and deep wrinkles. In this case, the product you're using isn't meant to do more than hydrate your skin. 

How to Get Over the Plateau: Use a product line that addresses ALL OF YOUR TARGETED CONCERNS. In the example above, you may need to use a serum, moisturizer, and Retinol to achieve both hydration and anti-aging results. But before you invest in a product line (and USE IT), we strongly recommend that you consult an expert to find out which line is the best for your skin type and targeted concerns.

5. Your Lifestyle Habits Are Undermining Progress

Even if you exfoliate, layer products correctly, and use the correct products, your lifestyle habits can undermine your skin's progress. Poor nutrition, lack of exercise, not using sunscreen, etc. will negate the work you're putting into your skin. Think of it this way: it's like working out at the gym, only to overindulge in carbs later; the same concept applies to your skincare regime. Even if you use the best skincare products on the market, apply them religiously in the proper order, it doesn't matter if your lifestyle habits are poor.

How to Get Over the Plateau: Decrease stress, get enough sleep, incorporate exercise, focus on good nutrition, use sunscreen, etc. By keeping yourself healthy, in turn, it will help your skin stay healthy, which will give the skincare products a strong foundation to work from. 

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