How to Layer Your Skincare Products for Max Results

Practicing good skincare habits include using the correct products for your skin type and targeted concerns. But did you know that the order in which you apply your skincare products matters, too?  

How you layer your skincare will affect your results. Applying products with a thicker consistency first will create a barrier that makes it harder for thinner consistencies to penetrate. Thinner consistencies that are unable to be absorbed by the skin, won't be able to deliver the maximum level of concentrated product. Let's say you apply moisturizer (thick consistency) before a serum (thin consistency). The moisturizer has now created a barrier, making it hard for your skin to absorb the serum, which diminishes the effectiveness of the serum.


When applying your products follow this rule of thumb: always layer from thin to thick. Here's the order in which you should be applying your products: 

1. Cleanser

Before applying any skincare product, be sure your skin is thoroughly cleansed. Use a cleanser to remove all traces of makeup, dirt, and oil. For clients with oily or congested skin, we recommend Fresh Faced Skincare's Purifying Facial Bar for cleansing. Since this facial bar can be drying, clients with normal to dry skin should use Natural Difference's Face Wash instead.  

2. Serums

Once your skin is clean, next apply your serum. Remember serums always come before moisturizers! Serums are thinner than moisturizers, and deliver a higher concentration, so you always want your serum to absorb first.

There are tons of serums out there, and you should trust an expert to help you figure out which serum is best to target your specific needs. For instance, a Vitamin C serum will help your skin with improved hydration, increased collagen production, even skin tone, and decreased inflammation. As we mentioned in our post "3 Things to Know to Maximize Your Vitamin C Skincare Results," if those are your targeted concerns, we highly recommend Natural Difference's Cellular Repair Concentrate with Vitamin C. 

3. Moisturizers 

After your serum has absorbed into your skin, lock in moisture and boost hydration by applying a moisturizer. Look for a moisturizer that contains natural humectants in it, too, which will bind water to the skin. 

Some natural humectants are aloe, algae, Hyaluronic acid, Alpha hydroxy acid, and Glycerin.

4. Eye Cream

Like serums and moisturizers, if you are using multiple eye products, you want to layer the thinner consistency first. For instance, if you use a gel to depuff, and an eye cream for anti-aging and moisture; apply the eye gel first, followed by the eye cream. 

We recommend A Natural Difference's Cobra Eye Serum applied first, followed by detoxyl eye cream for those with puffiness and dark circles. 

5. SPF 

Before you head out the door (during daytime hours) don't forget to apply a face sunscreen (and grab your sunglasses)! UV rays are everywhere. They're even present when you're driving, affecting the side of your face that faces the window. And don't be lax during cloudy days, UV rays are still present, even then. 

Don't Forget to Exfoliate! 

Layering your skincare in the proper order will give you maximum benefits. But to increase product absorption, make sure you stay on top of your exfoliation with regular peels, too. Give us a call at 302-656-0555, 302-378-8880 to book your next facial service and use your Black Friday Specials that you scored... 


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