Considering a Microblading Correction? What You Need to Know

Microblading is a form of eyebrow tattooing that has been "trending" for the past few years now. Using a handheld tool, hairlike strokes are created by the artist. The resulting effect is a gorgeous, natural looking brow. Unfortunately, with the rise of the trend, and the abundance of inadequate microblading courses, some artists (although "certified" by a company) may not have received proper education. More and more, we are seeing color correction cases, and sometimes, there is little we can do to fix the situation. First, we urge you to do your homework. Look for "healed" work by artists, ask people who they have been microbladed previously, to see how they have healed over time. 

Unfortunately, sometimes the result isn't what the client had envisioned. Color issues, and misshaped eyebrows are the most common issues, and it's not always easy to correct over existing work. However, it doesn't hurt to explore your options via a consultation with a skilled artist. Your artist will be able to evaluate and provide feedback such as 1.) If a correction is even a viable option, and 2.) If it is, what kind of results you can realistically expect.  

Remember, while microblading isn't AS permanent as traditional tattooing, it will never just disappear, and this is why it's so important to go to an experienced artist. The remnants of whatever you've had done before will still always be there. 

The Evaluation

Before a skilled tattoo artist can perform a correction, they need to know exactly what they're working with. This will also help them provide you with what to realistically expect.  

How Much Time Has Passed Since the Original Microblading: We're an instant gratification society. When we have a problem, we want it fixed immediately. However, the length of time that's elapsed since you got your original microblading matters.

Your brows will take up to 6 to 8 weeks to fully heal from the date the microblading was performed. During the healing process, at the beginning, your brows will appear darker, and more solid. Two weeks post, your brows will change in appearance day-to-day. Our artist won't know exactly what they're dealing with until your brows begin to lighten up.  

Fresh microblading means your brows will also experience scabbing, which you can't tattoo over. Speaking of scabbing...

Did You Pick at Your Scabs: If your brows have healed, and your issue is patchiness, it could be that some of your scabs were picked off (either voluntarily or involuntarily while you were sleeping). Picking at your scabs before your brows are healed will heighten the risk of patchy brows. 

And if you get your brows corrected, and pick them again, FYI you'll end up with the same result. Resist the urge to scratch and pick. It isn't worth it.

The Correction Process

Once your brows are fully healed, and you're green lit to have them corrected, it's important to get a color correction first before microblading to ensure your brows are the right color. Once that's been achieved, then microblading can be performed. Your microblading artist should give you a detailed action plan for correction; but don't be surprised if you will have to pay a little extra to have correction work done. It's very much the same as going to a hair salon with a bad dye-job. Unfortunately, it takes extra work to "un-do" another artist's mishaps.  

Again we emphasize that microblading correction isn't easy, and not everyone will be a candidate. The image below is a before-and-after of a client who had microblading correction. On the left, work from a non-La Belle artist. On the right, the finished correction by La Belle. Here, La Belle used microblading and manual shading. 


Once the correction is complete, it's important to let your brow tattoo dry heal for 48 hours after the procedure. After 48 hours, apply a small amount of Aquaphor and press into brow to form a thin layer of moisture/protection. Repeat this process 1-2 times a day (as needed) for 2 WEEKS. Be sure to also use antibacterial soap with lukewarm water to gently clean your brow tattoo 1-2 times a day.

Don't Forget to Touch Up

Don't let the relief of dodging a bad brow bullet let you get lax with maintenance. Remember microblading is a minimum 2 step process. You will still need to continue perfecting your brow and adding density, especially if the correction was to new areas outside of the original microblading. 

Your touch up session will occur within 6-8 weeks from your correction. Make sure you book it ASAP. Due to high demand it can take approximately 2 months to get an appointment. 

Ready to schedule your correction evaluation? Give us a call at 302-656-0555, 302-378-8880 to book your appointment.

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