Acne 101

Ah acne. While often synonymous with angsty teenagers, the reality is acne doesn't just affect teens. Adults suffer from it, too. And even if you never had a problem with acne when you were younger, it can still strike when you're older.

Fortunately, knowledge and treatments for acne have come a long way. There's no need to suffer from blemished skin. Here's what you need to know about acne and how to treat it.

What Causes Acne

Did you know everyone has the same bacteria that causes acne on their skin? So, why do some people experience acne and others don't? Well, it all boils down to genetics. (Thanks, mom and dad!)

Genetics determine your skin's shedding cycle, which determines if you get acne. Acne prone skin sheds more often, causing dead skin cells to build up in the pore and follicle. That build up plus oil creates a clog, resulting in inflammation and ultimately a pimple. Multiply that by lots of pores and you've got the perfect storm: acne.  

How to Treat It  

There's no need to hide your face behind a cute Snapchat filter (unless you want to). You can have blemish free skin. However, it will require staying on top of your skincare, which needs to include: 

Using a Gentle Skincare Regime. Be sure you're using a gentle skincare line daily that not only cleanses, but exfoliates and moisturizes, too. Incorporate a Purifying Facial Bar, Clarity Serum, and Balance Moisturizer into your skincare regime.

As we've mentioned before, we highly recommend Fresh Faced Skincare. Not only is it affordable, products range from $10-$47, but it works! Their Clarifying Serum is the holy grail of exfoliants, plus it's sulfate free, fragrance free, paragon free, and dye free. 


Getting Regular Peels. Regular peels are key to treating acne since a peel removes dead skin cells. By removing the dead skin cells before they can clog the pore, you're mitigating the acne.  

La Belle offers enzyme peels ($25) that you can add to any facial service. Or you can boost your exfoliation by opting for the dermaplaning with enzyme peel ($40). With La Belle, every facial service includes a professional skincare consultation and personalized home care recommendations. So, if you have questions, they'll have the answers. 

Keeping an Eye on Your Diet. Your diet affects more than just your waistline. Clinical studies indicate that certain foods like dairy and carbs may trigger acne. In addition to avoiding trigger foods, try adding anti-inflammatory foods (double-check food allergies first) to your diet, too. Always consult with your doctor if you're concerned you diet may be attributing to your breakouts, and adjust your eating habits accordingly. 

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