Fall Facials and Peels

Change is in the air. The leaves are turning an autumnal hue and summer warmth is fading. You know what else is changing? Your skin. As weather temps fluctuate and the air becomes dryer, it's normal for your skin to react to atmospheric changes. 

Rejuvenate and restore balance to your skin with facials and peels. 

Facials 101

A facial can do many things for your skin. Depending on the type, facials can cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate. Not only do facials make your skin glow, they can help with health problems, too. 

It's not uncommon to experience fall allergies. And if you have bad allergies, especially sinus issues, facials can make a difference! A facial will help with lymphatic drainage which will alleviate pressure and decrease puffiness. 


La Belle offers a 75-Minute Customized Facial ($105) and 45-Minute Mini Facial ($75). The latter is great for clients-on-the-go.

Peels 101

Peels accelerate the exfoliation process and leave the skin looking radiant. They also help improve absorption of skincare products. 

La Belle offers AHA/BHA exfoliation by chemical peel. Clients can also purchase in-person at La Belle Studio and use at home the Pumpkin Enzyme Peel (5%).

To maximize the effects of your peel, consider getting dermaplaning first. It will remove the layers of dead skin so you'll get maximum results. La Belle offers dermaplaning (with enzyme peel) for $40. Or you can add dermaplaning to any facial service for $25. 

Fall Facial Special

Ready to get your skin in shape for fall? Treat yourself to our Fall Facial Special ($85), a one hour, fully customizable facial (your choice of oxygen or pumpkin peel). Give us a call at 302-656-0555, 302-378-8880 to book your facial service.